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The next three years of this blog will be about behavior

November 5, 2010

Three years ago, I began using this blog to understand social media. I’ve tried to understand how it will impact the things we’re doing in marketing, how it impacts consumer expectations, and how it impacts relationships.

I’ve long thought that the game change is behavioral.

Yes, people still watch a lot of TV. We will still need to create and refine TV commercials and ad campaigns and the lot. But the element that’s different is in the consumption of those things.

People can consume and then respond.

They could always do that. We used to call it the water cooler.

But now it’s bigger.

Not across the board, mind you. But across enough boards that people are starting to take notice. There will be a backlash.

I write a lot about the social media bubble a couple of years ago, what I didn’t see coming was the smart phone.

But the behavior change is there. If consumers can respond to and talk about ads, what would we want them to say?

And where.

As this blog carries on for a few more years, that’s where I’ll go with it.

Thanks for three years.

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  1. Rhona Cadenhead-Hames permalink
    November 10, 2010 11:03 am

    Three Years!!! Wow- seems like only yesterday. Congratulations and looking forward to more information from the expert!

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