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Microsoft to let other people change how we use computers

February 22, 2011

Kinect for Xbox 360 logo

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I don’t like Microsoft. I don’t like how shortcut keys in PowerPoint are different from shortcut keys in Word (I don’t get that, the programs are 25 years old! Can’t they just talk?).

I don’t like the size and clunkiness of the programs in the office suite.

But I like this. I like this a lot. I think in less than 5 years, we’ll be gesturing to our computers to read e-mail.

This isn’t because Microsoft will figure it out. It is because Microsoft will:

“…open up its Xbox Kinect technology to allow amateur software developers to experiment with it.
The company is to release a software development kit in the spring, which will give developers access to the secrets behind the technology.”

I think this creates some good opportunity for brands. Think about it: showing people having fun engaging with a website in a TV spot. The gesturing could be owned. Right?

This could get fun.

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