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What do we want people to do?

February 27, 2011

Marketers have a bit of an issue. Until about 20 years ago, we very clearly wanted people to buy stuff. But that was the end.

Advertising was about the one-night stand. But the stuff, and then that’s it.

But with the advent of the internet, and websites and now social networks, we want relationships.

We no longer really just want people to buy, and then not call them in the morning.

Social networking is all about calling in the morning.

Over and over and over.

This is the thing that bugged me about the SuperBowl. The SuperBowl is that chance to dress up in really nice clothes and amber up to the target market and give them your best line.

But I think we’re not about the next line. And more importantly, we’re not sure about the language to use. Think about it this way: calling or e-mailing, or Tweeting or posting on Facebook after the relationship has the potential to sound needy.

Unless there’s a plan, there’s a real chance that this neediness will result in a backlash. I’ve talked about the social media bubble, and I think the bubble is coming. But I think the reason it is coming is that there’s a real good chance that social media (and digital) will bore people.

Because deep down, marketers still just want that one night stand. Life was better when it was mad men like. It’s more implicated now, and that’s not as much fun.

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