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Posting videos: why titles and tags matter when uploading videos

April 29, 2011

It’s good to be back on Matt’s Blog, PLTS…

Recently we posted a series of interactive videos for a B2B client. After posting, we were getting a lot of rap videos showing up in suggestions, as opposed to related content. Dislikes and favoriting other client videos didn’t help.

The title was “Interactive Adventures of John and the competitive performance monitor”*. We finally realized that the title (Meta Tag) had the term “performance”. So we changed the title from 6 Meta Tags to 4 with quotation marks:
Interactive Adventures of John and the “competitive performance monitor”.

In effect it lowered the emphasis on the individual tag of “performance”, thus eliminating the rap videos showing up in suggestions. Lessons learned:
1. Read the whole title. “Performance” was so far down the title, that we didn’t even see it, perhaps because we were familiar with it…yet, because there are millions more “performances” on YouTube, it was gaining a lion’s share of the suggestions.

2. Creatively, we ignored what we know about YouTube and their Meta-Tagging…strategically, the title should have been better thought out.

3. Edit houses aren’t always paid to think this way. It’s up to us to push the issue for SEO.

4. And because the video URL is not related to the title (doesn’t change), you can optimize your meta-tagging periodically if you notice questionable (or even competitive) content coming up as “suggested content”.

So when was the last time you looked at your YouTube content to see what it suggests?

*Note: not the real title of the video.

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