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Do we need google again?

June 30, 2011

The early web was a mess of websites. I can remember using Alta Vista and Yahoo to try to find things. I was near impossible.

Then along came Backrub.

Backrub promised to organize the world’s information. It also thankfully renamed to Google.

The brilliance of Google was in the simplicity.  “I’m feeling lucky” was both cocky but confident.

It appears that with this confidence, they are tackling the Dunbar number.

The Dunbar number suggests that one person can’t really have social connections with more than 150 people. I have 2000 people who I follow on Twitter, 500+ on LinkedIn and almost 400 on Facebook. Add e-mail, IM and Skype, and Robin Dunbar would disapprove.

Facebook and Twitter lists where supposed to help. But the problem was they are clunky and hard to really work. I have a few on both, but they don’t work.

Priority mailbox was supposed to also help. I click on it once in a while, to get around the massive noise in my mailboxes. But that doesn’t help Facebook.

Google+ might help. The circles concept means I break down my connections to groups. But alas, I think we’re past that. I’m not going to break down the 2000+ followers on Twitter.

I’m not really going to go in and sort my Facebook connections. So will I sort my Google+ connections or friends or whatever they are?

Dunno. But if I do, they will be in circles of 149.

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  1. Hell yes, i want i compose event like this but didnt have season, may i repost this Do we critical office google again? « People list to share permalink
    July 1, 2011 8:52 am


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