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Are you being found on LinkedIn? Should you care?

July 5, 2011

If you Google Matt Hames, LinkedIn is a big part of the results you’ll get.

I Googled some of the senior people at EMA, and found the same thing; their LinkedIn profile comes up high in organic search.

Even though we live in a time where face-to-face is important, digital is becoming equally as important. The results on a Google search are in themselves, a second impression. Then a click on the highly ranked LinkedIn gives a third impression of the person, and another impression of the company.

Did I lose you?  With rare exceptions, a Google search is at least a second point of contact. The path to a Google search might be the following:

  • Prospect calls you seeking new partners
  • This leads to an in-person meeting/presentation in which you explain your greatness
  • After you leave, the prospect does a Google search on the key people.

A really smart man once said you’d be surprised what you can find on page 46 of Google results. You’ll often be surprised at what you find on the first page.

LinkedIn matters. And more and more, people are skipping Google and going right to LinkedIn to search for you after you leave the presentation. They type in your name and company and up pops the public LinkedIn profile.

From the LinkedIn profile, they can see if the people in the meeting are connected. They can see a big picture of the company behind the people. They can see what other experience the key players have, where they went to school and other accomplishments.

A picture, if you will, of more than just the person, or persons from the company. This is a picture of the company. And it is a factor in making business decisions.

Don’t believe me that people are searching LnkedIn for people? Check this out:

The searches listed above tell only part of the story. Many of the searches I came up in are “Matt Hames”. But I have also come up in searches for “Social media”, meaning LinkedIn is my first point of contact.

This graph confirms a theory I’ve had for a while which is, people are aware of the Google Juice of LinkedIn. They know that a search on Google turns up LinkedIn, so they are skipping the search engine and going right to the source.

If your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan for optimizing LinkedIn, then it is most-likely missing this opportunity to make an excellent second impression.

If you would like to learn more, give me a call or drop me an e-mail.

LinkedIn matters.

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