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How to pitch a blog like mine

July 18, 2011

I get a few pitches from people because of my blog. So I figured I would help you in your pitching to people like me.

There’s something you should know: I’m the owner of my blog. There are many bloggers who also think of themselves as owners — especially when there is any advertising on the blog. They are making money.

It’s a business, and for some people, a profitable one. Because I’m an owner, talk to me like a business owner. When thinking about what this blog can do for your thing, consider what you can do for my thing.

I’m not a journalist at work, I’m a business owner.

Here are some other things:

1. Know me. My name is on my blog, but some bloggers don’t put their name on their blog. So Google the blog. Fortunately, many bloggers started Twitter feeds to promote their business, so you can get their name from their feed. If you can get an address, that’s even better. If you can’t, an e-mail might work. In the subject line, don’t put dear blogger, put dear Matt (if you happen to be sending me a pitch).

2. Understand what I write about and make the pitch relevant. Remember, while I’m always looking for content, I’m not looking for irrelevant content. Your irrelevant pitch wastes my time, your time and the client’s money.

3. Prove readership. Hey Matt, that post you did on QR Codes was insightful. Love the comments. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in this….it will do this for readership. Convince me early that you read my blog, and I’ll read your pitch. That’s step one, right?

4. Know where I live. With some blogs, it is obvious where the person lives. With other blogs, it doesn’t matter as much. This is important because my area might not be relevant to your product — even if my content is. Hyper local works better.

5. Respect me, treat me like a person you are sending an e-mail to, so don’t cc me, or include me in a list with other people. Pitching is 1-to-1. Just because e-mail can be one to many, doesn’t mean it should.

Good luck.

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