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Nielsen and Facebook: online advertising just grew up

August 5, 2011

Nielsen Company

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There are many problems with online advertising. Banner ads are bad and really hard to measure. Marketers could never tell who was looking at the ad, and who was clicking it. Until now:

“that might soon change, thanks to a new service from the Nielsen Company. The Online Campaign Ratings system, which rolls out later this month, promises to measure brand advertising online more like the way it measures brand advertising on television–by identifying which demographics actually see each ad.”

Imagine, a ratings system that doesn’t just give impressions, it gives demographic data. And this isn’t just estimated demographic data. Side note: my family was a Nielsen Family for 3 years. We represented between 40,000 and 60,000 households on any given day.

No, this isn’t estimated data. This is down to the last person correct demographic data because Facebook drives it.


They know more about you than any company in the history of business — with the possible exception of Google. And since you’ll be logged in to Facebook, they will know it was you that looked at that ad.

This is a huge deal. Online advertising just really grew up.

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