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Really round numbers offer a chance to reflect

September 27, 2011

This year, my dad turned 70. We made a big deal of it because it is a milestone birthday. Fact is, events with a zero on the end of them are a cause for celebration.

We celebrate things like 100, 150, 1,000 as if they have some sort of additional meaning. Round numbers seem to be a time to reflect.

I tell you this because about an hour ago, this blog went over 100,000 page views. If there was a time to reflect on this blog, this seems like a good time.

I started this blog without attaching my name to it. The goal was to throw ideas on a page and let them simmer. Every posts worked from the primary idea that people like to share. Indeed, they are sharing content in massive ways using so-called social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.

I started this blog to understand why. An understanding of why can and will help brands and individuals craft strategies to add this content into their plans.

That is easier said than done. For the most part, people share content no because they like the brand, but because they like the person they are sharing with.

Image this scenario: a friend posts on Facebook that he’s looking for a good place to get pizza. In comments, I tell him about XX pizza. My behavior is motivated by how much I like my friend.

However, if I write a blog post about the really good pizza, my behavior is motivated by the pizza.

Understanding the differences and motivations of why people share is the underlying goal of this blog. On a call with a potential new client, I said I understood why people use Facebook, and I think I have a good idea thanks to the ideas I’ve expressed on this blog.

As my career flows in a different direction, it is cool to have this space to work out my ideas. Thanks for being a reader.

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