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How to use LinkedIn to create business content for your category

September 28, 2011

Outside of the status update “what are you working on?”, LinkedIn isn’t thought of as a place to create content.

That said, it is a place to showcase content. Here’s how:

First, make your LinkedIn profile as clean and sharp as your resume. You should think about your LinkedIn profile as if it is the reason someone will pick to be a business partner. If you find that hard to believe, then I recommend Googling yourself (pro tip, make sure you are not logged in when you Google yourself). The results that come up are the results a person will see after they meet with you in person and then look you up online.

LinkedIn will most-likely come up as the first or the second page. Meaning someone who Google’s you will find LinkedIn.

Make LinkedIn a part of your day.

Fix your LinkedIn profile, then make a part of your day. can be the front page of your personal business internet. Tell LinkedIn about your interests, skills and work history, and it will deliver stories based on you.

That is right, can be your content generating tool. Look at Today first thing in the morning, and share the stories on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter (if you have them).

Take the morning stories (or the evening stories), and begin to be a content delivery expert in your category. That’s my strategy, so if you want to see what is important to me, follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

What is your content strategy?

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