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This can be your LinkedIn strategy

November 6, 2011

When I talk to people about the strategy on LinkedIn, I usually break it down to three phases

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. Here they are:

#1: The profile

Start with a clean LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn offers a little game to making the profile 100% complete. But it is more than that. Add as many skills as you can add. In the summary section, add detail. Here’s a suggest:

  1. Paragraph one: a short look at you. Consider this the elevator speech if the elevator was only going one floor. Make the first part of the summary focussed, exception and genuine.
  2. Paragraph number two: tell people why they should connect with you. “You should connect with me in order to talk about how to make a better LinkedIn profile.”
  3. Paragraph three: people don’t read anymore. But if they do, this is where someone can really talk about their achievements. Think about it like this: imagine that the client or job you always wanted depends on this paragraph. Make it shine.

Add applications if you can that will make the profile be as good as it can be. Every Friday, I try to give a recommendation on LinkedIn. The reason is that many people recommend me back on LinkedIn. Give recommendations, and they will come back to you. recommendations make a LinkedIn profile look better.

Also, if you can answer questions on LinkedIn, then do so. If you get a good answer, LinkedIn will call you an expert in that category. I’m an expert in networking and web development; go ahead, ask me anything.

#2: Add connections.

500 is the magic number on LinkedIn because it defaults to 500+. So 501 connections is the same as 4000 connections at first glance. Look back on Alumni and former coworkers (even at gigs before college) to enhance targeted connections. Think about it like this: if you were a bartender in college, there’s a good chance that some of the people you worked with could be worthwhile connections.

#3: Crete content.

The profile is good. You’re adding connections, now it is time to create content. I use to generate content for LinkedIn and Twitter. It can be a daily content creator for the feed. For my profile, this blog post will also be a content creator.

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