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How to make your website suck less

May 7, 2012

Today on LinkedIn, there was an article from Marketing Profs called Three Ways to Make Your Website More User Friendly.

Their advice was complicated, but simple.

Be relevant, don’t be ‘longwinded”, make it look better and test.

So here we are again, talking about making your website look and sound and be better. It feels like 2008, when I blogged about how bad websites are (using Kit Kat as an example).

Your website sucks.

I’m not surprised – we’re not really that good at the whole website thing. We put these beasts up, hoping to keep a bunch of different people happy. Consider who a website has to make happy:

website ideas

website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The company. The people in the company that do the things that need to be on the website. Whether those things are make product or sell product, they care about where the content is on the website because it is ‘their’ content.

Google and search engines. Google and search engines want titles, meta descriptions, thoughtful URL’s that explain what the page says. without them, Google can’t people find the site. That makes the people bolded above unhappy.

People. That’s right, we actually make websites for people. And you know what? People are already looking elsewhere.

They are looking for your product or service on:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Google Places, MySpace, Pinterest, Delicious, WordPress, etc.

But you knew that. And I have a point. 

Want to make your website suck less? Stop thinking about websites as just your Start thinking about your website in the way people do. They don’t distinguish between your YouTube channel and your dot com. You do. To them, your YouTube channel is still just a place to get information about your product or service.

If you listen to articles like the one in Marketing Profs, your website will continue to suck. I’m sorry, but that advice has been happening for years. Instead think different.

Make a website for search engines.

Make a social media site for people. And get the company to create content for that social media site. It will be better. It will be more relevant. It will be more human.

It won’t suck. Stop doing websites. Start creating content.

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  1. May 7, 2012 11:31 pm

    Great point. I’ll leave the semantic point of what a web site is alone. Creating content that is better then your competitors is key.

    There are reasons to improve web site designs that are not content related. Standards change (HTML5/CSS3). New technology surfaces (Mobile / Tablet devices). And one of the areas that I love the most, web site stat analysis driving continuous improvement.

    But I agree with Matt, the majority of a company’s time should be spend creating awesome content.

  2. August 20, 2012 10:14 am

    A sinking nikola tesla vitality will clutch at a straw

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