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The result of my little rant about T-Mobile and their customer service

May 17, 2012

When I moved to Hamilton, NY I owned a T-Mobile phone that was 4 months away from finishing a 2-year contract.

I willingly signed the contract for T-Mobile’s services without reading all the fine print. In said fine print, it declares that moving to a place where T-Mobile doesn’t work is my problem, not theirs.

When I signed the contract, I wasn’t planning on making a life change and up-rooting my family. That came 20 months later. 

So we moved. And discovered that we live in a place T-Mobile didn’t cover – turns out, there are a lot of those places. I learned it was my problem when I tried to cancel the service that didn’t work and was told that moving was my problem, not theirs. To cancel with 4 months left on the contract would require a $200 cancellation fee.

But wait, he said: Your phone still works at home and the office. Why cancel?

But my phone still works because I pay Time Warner Cable. And it works at work because my employer pays for a network. I explained.

But it works, he said. And you moved. So you owe us $200 (or 4 more months at $80 per month)

So I wrote a blog post telling people who crappy I thought T-Mobile was/is.

The goal of the post (or rant) was to get 200 people to read it. One person for every dollar T-Mobile made me pay to cancel a service that didn’t work.

With well over 200 page hits, I’m happy to say I feel better.

Even though I have a Klout Score of over 50, I don’t think this post will impact any purchase decisions – I’m still not Jeff Jarvis. I am a guy who was frustrated by T-Mobile and vented with this blog post. Two people promised me they would never use T-Mobile, but I think they were being nice because they like me.

Still, 200 people know T-Mobile was a bad bet for my family. Maybe they’ll think twice about it for their family.

In the end, you read my rant and rave. Also, Ike sent me this video about “T-Mobile Mooing Phones” – which is basically a story about T-Mobile offering a product that didn’t work, and then having to pay to cancel products that don’t work. Frankly, the video makes it all worth while.


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  1. May 17, 2012 5:22 pm

    I look so sad there…

  2. maria permalink
    August 3, 2012 11:16 pm

    you right Matt T-mobile makes people sad, right now my husband have problems with t-mobile, we been with them for years but now that we upgraded we are having drop calls there are times that we don’t get a phone call until 3 to 4 later. we been trying everything that they tell us to work it out. they are so stupid not that long ago we call and we were talking to a manager, he was yelling at us and saying if we cancel on them that we either sale the contract to another person or we have to pay the 400 dollars for cancellation fees. he said that we can tell the other people that t-mobile was the best. well like i told them that they were in bridge of the contract and that would be a great way to cancel your line with out fees, because nowhere in our contract says that me are going to have drop call. they can either let us cancel with out fees or like my lawyer said we can go the other way around and make them pay lawyer fees and more. well good luck to all of you that have t-mobile. i dont think that those 200 dollars that i put in there a month are getting me nowhere.

  3. Hannah permalink
    August 14, 2012 9:28 pm

    T-Mobile has horrible customer service. Don’t ever get a phone with them. I was with them for 5+ years with no issues until this phone. Just NOW when I called in to cancel my account with them, did they offer to exchange/get me a new phone. I talked to 4-5 diff CS & tech reps who didn’t offer a new/diff phone and now that I’m canceling they are… but too little too late. You’d think that since I’d been with them for so long, and they didn’t help me, they would waive the cancellation fees? No.

    I’ll definitely be letting everyone know not to choose their service.

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