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Why don’t we build websites with no boundaries

May 17, 2012

We’re fast-approaching 20 years into making websites for the commercial web. It has taken this long to let people know that websites have no boundaries.

It all started with Twitter.

Twitter is a stream of content on a website. Since the stream is never ending, the website is never ending. Go to Twitter and scroll down. You will not get to a website “footer”.

Why do we put footers on websites?

Seriously, why? There is no boundary at the bottom of a website. We can scroll forever. Still,  we put on footers. Instead of making people scroll, we make them click.

Why is that better?

Twitter figured out how to make the scrolling experience click-free. Users scroll down and more content appears. Facebook followed suit (yes Virginia, there was a time when you had to click for more content on Facebook).

Pinterest came a long and made it look even better.

And now, has joined the fray with a never-ending stream of Pinterest looking boxes that showcase news.

As millions of people flock to these websites for content, will this be the new normal? If it is, what will they think about when they get to the bottom of your website?

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