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Why college students should care about LinkedIn

January 29, 2013

Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting young people to interesting things. When Facebook came into my world. it helped me reconnect to friends from the schools I attended.

I used Facebook to reconnect to my high school friends, and have a different relationship with them now than I had ten years ago.

At the college I work, I can say with confidence that Facebook is making Reunion an entirely different experience. Facebook keeps recent graduates connected, and reconnects older graduates.

For the college-bound student, Facebook offers a chance to connect to new friends, but to stay connected to their high school friends.  The college student now comes with a built-in community of their past and present.

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That won’t go away. When they get to college, I think it is smart to use Facebook and stay connected. The 2017 class Facebook group is a group filled with people who will be a huge part of the next 4 years. Connect. Engage. Make friends IRL.

Then create a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is part of what students get from a degree. 

If Facebook is the platform of your past, LinkedIn is the platform of your future.

LinkedIn is the place to connect to people who went to your alma mater. The smaller and more intimate your school, the most alums will help you get ahead in your career.

To see them, click here.

Alumni of a small intimate Liberal Arts college have something a students want – connection to the real world. But current students have something an alum wants – connection to their alma mater.

So here’s the rule: in your first year of college, spend 90% of your time on Facebook and 10% of the time on LinkedIn. By senior year, reverse those numbers.

Upon graduation, make LinkedIn be the thing that proves you’re an expert at what you know. Connect to alums who would care about said proof.


And occasionally use Facebook to find friends to celebrate your success.


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