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Why College students should care about LinkedIn Part II

April 27, 2013

Here’s the advice I offer to college students (when they ask):

Enter College using Facebook 95% of the time and LinkedIn 5% of the time. By the senior year, flip that.

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Facebook will not get a student a job. It could, however, cost someone a job. Quick: have you heard about the person that wasn’t hired because of their LinkedIn post?

No, you haven’t. But there are people who haven’t hired college students because they didn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

How to care about LinkedIn.

Step #1 is caring about your profile. Your profile should be your best foot forward. Assume people looking at the profile are considering doing business with you, or hiring your for your business. Add details of your wins at school. If you were the president of a club, add it. Write a description of your duties. If your club accomplished something, take some of the credit.

Just don’t lie.

Step#2 is connecting. LinkedIn offers, a truly magical place of discovery. At, people can search LinkedIn by city, company or category. Or, you can click all three and narrow it down to the developer at Google in San Francisco, or the HR manager at Google in New York City.

Connect with the people who went to your school. There is a mutual reward in this connection: you can tell them what ii is like a their school now – believe me, alums want to know what is going on at the school. They want to reminisce with people who are in the moment.  They will be able to tell you about the category, the city or the company that you are interested.

It can be mutually beneficial, if framed correctly.

So go out and use LinkedIn instead of Facebook. The worst that could happen is no one cares. The best is someone does.

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