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LinkedIn University pages are good for alumni engagement

August 21, 2013

I think one of the most brilliant and underutilized tools on the Internet is Linked Alumni.  Before today, it was also one of LinkedIn‘s best kept secrets (or worse kept secrets, if you happen to be them.)

It is no longer a secret because this week they launched LinkedIn University pages.

Its kind of no-brainer. A company page creates a picture of the people who work there. A University is defined not only by the people who work there, but by the people who went there.

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That is what I liked about – I could pick any school and compare the graduates. The school where I work has 18K alums on LinkedIn. Well over 50%, a good sample size to see where entrepreneur sits. Or where Chicago sits on where people live. Or where Google falls on where people work.

I can also pick other schools and see how they compare.

So what about LinkedIn’s effort to attract potential students? Starting this week, one needs to be 13 to get a profile on LinkedIn (from 18).

My first thought was watch those 13-year-old’s with LinkedIn profiles. They are future presidents and CEO’s. Think about it: what does a 13-year-old place on a profile? I did a paper route back then, but sites like LinkedIn have killed papers (bye, wants ads). I don’t think it will be a play unless students use LinkedIn to archive their schools. If they offer test data and results, then the data could be used for admissions. But even that offers questions about standardization and gaming. This could be a first step, but there is still a marathon to run.

That said, I do think this will be awesome for alumni engagement. LinkedIn pages will allow alumni to connect within careers. And they’ll have a channel for news from their University.

So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

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