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13 things your higher ed Twitter account can be doing

January 15, 2014

My opinion, of course.

1. Welcoming returning alumni. Your alums give their time to come back, you should welcome them on Twitter.

2. Announcing when you’ll be visiting a school. You know when your road warriors are out on the road, the only thing you need to do is find the schools.

3. Telling people we mailed them. Hey, Reunion mailers, alumni magazine went out, check your mailbox.

4. Engaging with, or encouraging school accounts. I wish our university had a free food Twitter account. It doesn’t. I get hungry.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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5. Posting athletics events. At our school, we post 13 minutes before each game. See, most schools have a separate Twitter account for athletics. The by-product of that is the simple fact that the main account doesn’t have athletics. If athletics is a part of the schools story, a separate athletics account impacts the telling of that story.

6. Live tweeting events. Today, we live tweeted a tour of media properties in NYC.

7. Contests – do them. Give stuff away. If you don’t have stuff, park in the office of your local alumni affairs person and get some.

8. Interviews with alumni on Twitter. Where are you now like questions. Interestingly, we don’t ask 13 questions.

9. Synch with other accounts. A Delicious post, YouTube like, Facebook post, Flickr upload, Tumblr post all can or do result in a Twitter post. Twitter is where it all goes. Use

10. Make a list of all students/alumni. Twitter tells people when they are put in a list, having the shcool publically ID someone goes a long way.

11. Live tweet your Trivia night. You’re a school, you have one. Tweet it.

12. Pictures. Alumni want to see pictures of buildings. We take them from our photographer and post them. We don’t have an Instagram account. On purpose.

13. Share news, he says last. We all do this, how much do people care?

Your turn. What did I miss?

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