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Time to shut it down

March 8, 2014

Hi everyone, 

Seven years ago, I started this blog as a place to add my thoughts about people sharing. At one point, this blog had 4,000 readers a month, and last year, it went over 100K total views. 

That said, it is time to end this experiment. LinkedIn has invited me to post on their platform. My first post already has 6 comments and 43 likes. While this blog was never about numbers, LinkedIn offers an audience. I believe in LinkedIn more than I believe in blogging, for now. 

So this is it. I’m not going to shut it down, but I am going to stop caring about the blog spam. Eventually no one will read this blog, so the blog spam will be worthless. 

See you over on LinkedIn. 

Your friend, 


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  1. August 24, 2017 9:47 am

    see you , my friend


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