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How to edit titles and descriptions in links on your Facebook page

January 11, 2018

Remember when you could post a link on Facebook, edit the title and description to make it more compelling?

Then #Fakenews and the 2016 election resulted in Facebook killing the ability to edit titles and tags of links from pages you control.

It seems so unfair.

It is, which is why Facebook has remedied the situation.

The solution is I turned this one for Colgate about 3 years ago, and for most of that 3 years, I regretted it. I wanted it turned back off. It was so new and clunky that it drove me bat-shit crazy.

But since I couldn’t turn it off, I adjusted. I dutifully click the “Go to Business Manager to manage this Page” message and got on board.

I’m glad I did.

Not only do I get analytics from Facebook to my .edu, I get more. Yes, as you can see, analytics aren’t perfect, they are still working on the kinks, but the data is interesting. And it lets me create a custom segment of 13-17 year olds to view how they use the site.

It also lets me verify as a domain.

How to edit your links again 

Inside the Business Settings on Facebook is the section called “Domain.” This essentially means you have to prove to Facebook that you own and control the domain. So you get a snipped of code from Facebook and add it to your .edu. Then you click verify and voila, you can edit links from that domain on your Facebook Page.

Since we use iModules, we’re attempting to get that verified. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, because iModules isn’t quick to offer service solution. Still it would be awesome if it did because the meta data associated with an iModules page is a hot mess when shared on Facebook.

It looks like code threw up on the browser.

Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, good luck getting the ability to edit links again.

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