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Hey #highered can we talk about tone?

May 12, 2018

Hi there,

I run the digital media channels for a 200 year old collection of buildings. The Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin channels are the voice of a highly selective liberal arts university on a hill.


If you happen to attend a higher ed conference, someone will say the following: “I want to bring more fun to our voice.”

It will never be me.

200 year old buildings are fun. College isn’t fun. College students are fun. College sports are fun. College events are fun. The buildings aren’t fun. The mission of a university isn’t fun.

The mission is important. It is also important to get people involved in executing the mission to agree on said mission. Or vision. Or strategic plan.

So, this post below. This is the kind of post that is killing digital media platforms.

I would have accepted this post with “Final exams are underway.” That’s it. The buildings of this particular school are reporting on a fact. Alums will probably be nostalgic. The Class of 2018 will definately feel nostalgic. This would have been a great post.

But marketing is simple, the hard part is keeping it simple.

You got this!

That is the voice of the glee club. Of DORAK. Of a student who wants to support. That isn’t the voice of a chapel. Or an academic building. Or most professors.

Also, never use a screamer. Ever. Not ever. My rule is one screamer a year, maximum. So if I used a screamer to talk about finals, I wouldn’t be able to use it for commencement. Or Reunion. Or when we turn 200. Or something that is actually exciting.

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