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The New York Times is pretty sure you’re doing it wrong

August 17, 2018


The problem isn’t getting the attention of college students, the problem is getting anyone’s attention. At any point, I can watch a movie on my phone. Right now, I could stop doing this comment and go watch a movie from an almost infinite list.

I have bad news for you.

You don’t have people’s attention. You don’t have their attention with your email, your tweet, your Instagram story, your web page, your snap stories.

It is okay, you never really did have people’s attention, but you weren’t trying before. Now you’re trying.

And failing.

How marketing used to work.

Smart marketing people got together and decided to create a print ad, TV spot, or radio spot that communicated one thing. One unique selling proposition to an audience who was watching TV or reading a newspaper. This one thing message was an interruption, so it was funny, clever, smart.

It also ran at least three times.

At least three times. Because humans don’t remember shit unless they hear/see it three times.

To recap, in order to tell people one thing, smart marketers used to use a 30-second TV spot that was designed to be seen three times.

Now, marketing people send one email. That one email has 15 things in it.

Or they send tweets. One tweet (okay, we’re good, we’ve told ’em.)

The problem isn’t that older tools aren’t working. The problem is an expectation of attention.

Marketing people, you can’t expect the attention of your target market.


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