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An enrollment conference for 2020

October 20, 2019

I’m not a huge fan of higher education conferences. I think they are too siloed, and too broad at the same time. Which I get is weird.

NACAC is for enrollment professionals. HighEdWeb is for website professionals. EduWeb is also for website pros. Athletics go to their own conferences, probably run by Sidearm, and advancement people go to Case and things like Raise.

The America Marketing Association has a higher education version, and so does Salesforce. Then of course, there is faculty, who go to the most amazing conferences in amazing locales, and talk about things that have almost nothing to do with the business of higher education — even though research and tenure are meaningless if there are no students.

Point is, there are a lot of conference.

The Institute for Strategic Enrollment Management Sunriver, OR will take place June 29-July 3, 2020.

It’s predecessor, the Snowmass Institute, shaped the careers of enrollment leaders—and the profession itself—for over 30 years.

Particularly amid the changes and challenges today’s enrollment leaders face, the need for such an encompassing experience is stronger than ever. Snowmass alumni Chris Ferguson, Associate Vice President of Enrollment at Occidental College and Patricia Maben, President of 3 Enrollment Marketing, spent several years working to bring this incredible opportunity back for emerging enrollment leaders. They built a team, including several alumni and Snowmass faculty Joe Merante and Jim Scannell, to build a new Institute.

“The Institute is an amazing experience not just for the education, but also for the space and time to reflect on what you’re learning, the opportunity to commiserate with and bounce ideas off seasoned pros, and the ability to leave with a comprehensive strategic enrollment plan.”

Of course I’m biased. But I think this is an Enrollment Management Conference you want to attend in 2020.

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