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Digital Lab

What is the 3 Enrollment digital lab

It starts with an assessment of the audience. Who do you need to reach? Here is a look at possible audiences for content created.


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 7.46.41 AM

Who are the priorities? What existing channels can be used to reach these audiences? What are the goals of content to these audiences? Obviously the goal of reaching prospective students is an application, and the goals of reaching alumni are event attendance and gifts. How about government? What about the local area? How about the media? What tactics can be used to attract media attention?

Content on digital channels can and should be focussed. During a full day training course at CPAmerica’s annual conference, I took business owners through an 8 module course on digital channels. That has been adapted for higher eduction and turned into a 3 chapter presentation.

Contact me, and we can talk more.


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